Greetings Ghouls, Critters & Gory Creatures,

From the coffin crypt, I bring you ‘Run To The Sun’, not so spooky but paying homage to a classic time in American film history and introducing my dress to kill zombie squad.

Filmed on location at the ‘Pink Motel’ Sun Valley CA, with one of the oldest skate pools that’s a firm favourite within the LA skateboarding community.

The classic cars are the real stars. The Pink Cadillac from the original 1978 film musical ‘Grease’ and the red & white 1958 Plymouth Fury named ‘Christine’ featured in the 1983 Stephen King supernatural horror movie. A car that seems to have a mind of it’s own with a jealous possessive personality to be…. EVIL ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥


Born into a Middle Eastern Family originally from Baghdad, Iraq.

Kitayah studied Musical Theatre at the Arts Educational Schools London where at age 7 she learnt to play the piano. She attended the Royal College of Music in 1982. There she met fellow musician Ian Prince, who became the Grammy award-winning music arranger for ‘Back On The Block’ (1989) Quincy Jones.

‘I started recording with Ian as his session vocalist on his production work in the UK and Los Angeles USA. I lived and worked in LA for several years as a backing vocalist for various labels/artists whilst writing my own material’.

In 1998 Kitayah returned to the UK and took her industry experience into education becaming the Head of the Vocal School at The Academy Of Contemporary Music (ACM) UK, and then Musical Director at Italia Conti Performing Arts.

Kitayah Music Ltd was established in 2007 trading as a production and publishing music company.

‘Creating my own identity by forming Kitayah Music was really important to me. Having come from the sterile background of session industry, I needed to break away from that world and take more risks’

‘The Fables Project’ EP was released in 2010 and toured UK music venues/festivals in 2011/ 2012.

‘Raw Religion’ the new album recorded at John Parr (‘St Elmos Fire’) residential studios in Yorkshire (Somewhere In Yorkshire), Westlake Studios LA and mastered at AIR Studio’s London, Kitayah calls this pinnacle album her long awaited ‘labour of love’.


‘Flames of Nirvana’ is the long awaited and anticipated documentary, due to be filmed on location in Death Valley, Trona Pinnacles USA in March 2020. Production has been postponed due to Covid – 19.

In association with film maker/photographer Dustin Downing and featuring footage from ‘Lifted Films’ (Colter Johnson) Hair Design & Makeup ‘The Harlot’ (Marylle Koken) and ink by Kat Von D’s ‘High Voltage. Kitayah is also introducing to her LA creative collaboration, London cyber fashion label Cyberdog.

The story behind the film takes you on a raw and symbolic journey to finding inner strength and spirit. Just like the ‘Nirvana Flame’, the purest and most intense flame, capable of burning everything in its path, it encapsulates freedom.

‘Always regarded as taboo to ever discuss my story in public, so for that reason I have definitely become the rebel in my traditional Middle Eastern family’.

‘Now, I find it very liberating to see women show their formidable power, a sign of beauty even? Nothing is impossible, the truth is believing in yourself’.